arthur4.jpgWelcome to our Landscape page. Landscape is the art of Creation. The beauty of the plants is God given, but the ability to take that beauty through skill and gifting, and be able to create an environment of artistic value, and of rest and solitude is an awesome gift, that keeps on giving, long after we’re gone.  As an instructor of mine said, “We get the privilege to bless people, create beauty, and get paid for it!”  All “true landscapers” understand this, and have a passion for their work.  As a Fine Artist creates beauty on a canvas, we bring design, beauty and functionality to the canvas of the earth.  We at Executive Care count it a privilege, a joy, an excitement and a challenge to present you, our client, with this and we take our descriptive “Land Artist” with great thought, and responsibility. We welcome the opportunity to meet with you, hear your concerns, and develop a concept that will excite you and bless you. Below are some of our past creations, and the comments from our clients and friends.

Extended praise for our work…

“We can not tell you how much joy your landscaping work has brought to our lives. Our backyard is breathtaking! The first thing I do every morning is open my blinds so I can see our gorgeous backyard. Then all day long we smile as we look outside. And the most exciting part about it is that as time goes on, our yard gets even more beautiful! You and your crew were a pleasure to work with. Your experience and expertise were apparent as our landscaping was created so quickly, efficiently and neatly. Everybody who sees it is overwhelmed by our yard’s beauty. One friend said it best as she stopped in her tracks with her eyes open wide. She said, “Wow! Its like the Garden of Eden.” We couldn’t agree more. We feel like we have our own little paradise. I have to tell you one more thing. Doing dishes is now a pleasure as I can now look out into our backyard from my kitchen sink and watch my little girls play in the yard. It is a beautiful sight! Thank you for that!”

— Travis & Kari Manhart