1212Welcome to our December edition. is is my most meaningful, yet challenging article. Before I begin, I want to make an underlining point. Just like I write throughout the year about landscaping to help us understand and see what our landscapes can be, so I write this article with the intent to help- as one friend would help another. With all of the different opinions about God, I will probably step on someone’s toes; however, that is not my intent.

My goal is to encourage people in their faith and/or present another perspective on commonly-held sayings that in uence our beliefs about God. Whether we believe in a God or not, these sayings are widely known and are spoken among us.

Last year, after writing “The God Mystery”, I received many positive comments and a few not-so-positive ones, which is to be expected. Last year’s article was presented as a one-sided dialogue, where I invited you into my thought processes on how a life of faith has impacted my life. I have always held to the belief that to help others, you must be willing to be transparent—to let others see your strengths and your weaknesses and to see how, through your belief system, you deal with the stresses of everyday life. By living out a faith that gives hope, we can in turn give that same hope to others. at was the main intent of last year’s article. I would encourage you to reread it. You will nd it under publications on our website is year’s article is a bit different. It is set more as an open dialogue. e answers I give are what I believe to be a few key statements to the sayings; however, I am not trying to answer every aspect of each saying. My intent is that you will come to your own conclusions after I introduce new and hopefully bene cial thoughts. With that as our introduction, let’s begin.

In the course of the year the topic of God comes up. Sometimes I can respond, other times a response is not appropriate. I would like to take this time, therefore, to discuss the top four of what I consider misused or misunderstood sayings.