Going Green

Going Green is a phrase gaining more popularity and momentum as the concern for our resources is brought more to main stream. To the normal individual “Going Green” probably brings thoughts of recycling, being water wise, maybe even starting a small garden or compost pile.

Now what does Going Green mean to the landscape industry, and more specifically what are we at Executive Care doing to promote resource wise activities. For the industry at large it is a wide target, from minimizing pesticides, to using more environmental friendly chemicals, ones that can be injected into the root zone of the plant, or the plant itself avoiding drift contamination. Recycling green waste, and incorporating water wise management are also some of the activities being practiced. In the realm of water, advancements are really coming on strong with “smart timers” that can sense soil moisture. Adding to this, we have water conserving nozzles for lawn irrigation and converting plant irrigation over to pressure compensating drip emitters instead of the older style of emitters or sprinklers. These are some activities that are in our “stewardship” to promote to the consumer.

Aside from doing all the above, what does “Going Green” mean to us at Executive Care? Well I gave it away in using the term stewardship. If any industry has the responsibility to be the keepers and promoters of the environment it would be our industry. In general other industries seek to minimize their “footprint” on the environment, but we daily work with our hands in the soil ( a topic I did not even mention) planting plants, creating “green living environments” that aside from benefiting the environment bring pleasure and joy to the consumer. We convert barren land to something that brings increased “green value” or replace worn our water thirsty yards to more water wise plantings etc. Even in the placement of the trees and shrubs we can make a difference between a A/C running all day long trying to cool the home, or we can minimize that energy use by properly planting the trees/shrubs to give shade to the hot sides of the home.

As mentioned above, the use of smart controllers help minimize water waste, adding to that poly prills to each planting that when the prills come in contact with water swell to 10x’s there size, acting as mini reservoirs for the plant roots, holding as it were the water in suspension until the plant needs it. This reducing the frequency of watering. Properly “sizing” the lawn so that it is functional and useful for the kids, but not more (the lawn is the least “green” in respect to it’s requirement of water). We are also looking into L.E.D lighting that uses less electricity than normal lights and have a longer bulb life. Last year looking into this the prices were still 3x’s to 4x’s the cost of normal night lights, so the savings in electricity did not yet outweigh the installation cost. Normal lights do not add that much more cost to the overall electrical bill, so the L.E.D lighting would be something I would consider as “fine tuning.” As I learn more about it, I will update this portion of “Going Green”. Lastly all this is good, but if the consumer is not educated on the benefits then the products stay on the shelf. So getting the word out, especially as these products become more affordable, causing the benefits to outweigh the upfront cost.

Lastly being educated on proper maintenance and care of the “greenest products” in your yard, the plants themselves. We at Executive Care are committed to all the above and want to thank you for taking your time to read this part of our overall company identity.

Arthur Navarrette