Landscape Tips

In discussing landscape tips, we need to understand that there are general tips and specific tips. Under general tips, these are the common ones about fertilization, pruning, weed control and pesticide applications. These are the “macro” aspects of plant and lawn care. The “micro” aspects are more difficult to know, and more plant and site specific. An example of this is, “Why does one plant thrive in one location, and the other one right next to it does not?” Another is, “What does it mean when my Azalea has green veins and a yellow leaf?” The plant kingdom is vast and varied, almost like us humans. In this advice column we will deal with the “macro” aspects of plant care, and allow you to E-mail me your specific concerns. Following the macro guidelines should eliminate 80% of our problems, if not more. rlflowers.jpgPlant health as mentioned, is comparable to human health. If we eat right, exercise, and get adequate sleep we work on reducing the stresses of daily life that age us. Similar with plants, proper fertilization, correct irrigation, timely pruning and pest and weed management, the plants will do what they were created to do: grow. The problem is that most of us do not know what the specific answers are to the concerns mentioned above. So let’s breakdown each one while keeping the information user friendly. Let’s get our landscapes growing!


Fertilization to plants is like food to us. Many of us place plants in our landscape, or hire a landscaper, and assuming he adds fertilizer (we use a slow release prill), it’s duration is for that season, winter to winter. This means that the coming spring… Read More rlpatio1.jpg


Irrigation, “The art of watering correctly”. I probably get more questions about this subject than the rest combined. There seems to be a “mystery” about what the proper watering should be… Read More