arthur2.jpgCommercial management verses commercial maintenance, what’s the difference? Well, I am glad that you asked. Commercial maintenance defines itself. To maintain something, i.e. your car, would be to check your tires for proper inflation, change your oil, check your water and brake fluid levels. You are not seeking to change anything, only to service what you already have. To “manage” your car would be to change the paint color, add rims and tires, upgrade your stereo system, maybe add a sunroof, etc. You are looking at your car with the intent of improving it, taking its positives and adding to them. In landscape the same thing can occur. To maintain a landscape is to take what you have and only do the normal. To mow without any concern of varying your mowing pattern so as not to produce ruts in the lawn, or continuing to use a “too-big-for-your-lawn” mower that tears up the lawn, breaks the sprinkler heads or gives it an overall uneven appearance. To blow debris into the planter beds as opposed from the planter beds to the street, and pile it.

As all things in landscape, they grow. Plants can grow together, or can become too big for the area therein. They often become too “open and woody.” What is required is a hard prune in stages to bring the plant down to a visually pleasing size, or to lessen areas that someone could hide behind. Plants can look old. Especially at entrances and high visual areas, one must consider these points. These points give a general understanding of the difference between maintenance and management.

At Executive Care there are seasons where certain activities must occur. Tree pruning occurs in the winter. Pesticide injections are also given to susceptible plants and trees. Pre-emergent (a fertilizer) applications, sprinkler checks, etc are also a normal part of the “winterization” process.

We seek to anticipate and respond to the “living” needs of the landscape, and not react to them. Each property is different, some by a little, others by a lot, given location, soil type, plant and tree selection, we can make your landscape look healthy and beautiful. The best way to see what improvements can be made, is for us to walk your landscape together and discuss your needs and what kind of improvements would work for your area.