Feb 2010 Concepts on Ideas and Design (PDF Download)
As owner of Executive Care Landscape my service to you, my clients, is very much based on my own experiences, education and beliefs. So knowing a little about me, or any company’s owner, is valuable to you, the consumer. (more…)

By Arthur Navarrette of Executive Care Landscape

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Welcome to our March story. If you have not read February’s story, please do (it is on my website under publications), it reviews landscaping points, my experience, new products and a “punch list” of important garden duties to do in the next month (try to finish them before all the pruning begins). If you follow the list you will ensure that your landscape gets off to a good start. Also, I want to thank all of you that I met at the Home and Garden show. It was a pleasure to meet you, and the positive comments about the monthly stories were very encouraging. It makes getting up at four in the morning to write them worth it. (more…)

PDF – Design Elements: Pt. 2 – Lighting

Welcome to our April story and Part II of Design Elements. For those of you who did not read March’s magazine please go to my website (under publications) and read Part I on hardscapes. In brief review, last month we discussed design elements as they pertain to hardscapes (more…)

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Apr 09 Keeping a Beautiful Landscape Beautiful (PDF Download)

I am going to repeat a phrase so that after finishing this article, one truth will be evident and remembered. A beautiful landscape remains beautiful in direct proportion to the correct maintenance it receives. As a landscape contractor, we go to a lot of effort to design and install a landscape that is unique, colorful and welcoming, which takes time and money. Through the years, I have revisited the homes we have finished, and typically the landscapes look good to the untrained eye but are falling short of their potential. Our clients are not knowledgeable enough and/or too busy to address it properly. Unfortunately, while hardworking the typical maintenance mow and blow crews lack sufficient knowledge of ornamental horticulture to address the issues. All the plants are pruned the same, at times cutting off the forming buds, and watered the same, regardless of sun or shade, i.e. generic maintenance instead of beautiful landscape. (more…)

May 2010 (pdf)

I have written about this topic in the past but I think it’s important enough to be discussed again. Just as I need reminders in areas of my life that are somewhat foreign to me, I expect our readers need reminders from one year to next like the suggestions contained in this article. So a repeat is good for us and for our plants!

A landscape renovation is one of the most exciting improvements a homeowner can undertake. It not only adds to the outward appeal of the home, but it also creates useful space that is uniquely colorful and welcoming. It also is a great investment. Statistics show that a well-designed landscape can add 15-20% to the value of a home. Still, there’s a hitch. Unlike most home improvements, a landscape is not static. It is very much alive. If it is not cared for, both the beauty and the value of your investment will diminish. In this month’s article, I am going to repeat one idea again and again so that the truth of it will be remembered: A beautiful landscape stays beautiful when it is properly maintained. (more…)

PDF – Let’s Have Some Fun (June)

By Arthur Navarrette
of Executive Care Landscape

In this article I am finally able to tell a story and release some photos about my experiences on a TV show. Last October I filmed an episode of Turf War, the DIY Network series. Now that the episode has aired (May 9th) I can share my behind the scenes stories. If you haven’t seen it, watch for it on reruns. (more…)

July 2010 – PDF Download

Welcome to June’s edition of “Landscape Talk.” Those of you who read my article monthly know that I cover a wide range of topics. Last year, because of the concerns about water restrictions, I did a survival series that covered water smart products such as nozzles and timers, proper drip installations, lawns that require only once weekly irrigation, rain cisterns, and other related topics. I started this year explaining why run-off from our properties is a concern, the effect of synthetic fertilizers, and the reason we should start incorporating more “bridge” product fertilizers. These may contain some synthetic fertilizer for a quick start, but also have organic fertilizer with beneficial soil micros that improve the plant’s environment without harming our own. (more…)

August 2010 – PDF Download

Welcome to our August edition of “Landscape Talk.” Last month we started to review the articles written to date in order to provide readers with an index of the information available. We have already covered January-July 09. Now we will continue with August 09 and finish the year. For those of you who do not receive this publication monthly, you can request it from Home Improvement & Remodeling Magazine, or view all our articles either on our website, www.executivecareinc.com, under publications or on www.homeimprovement-magazine.com. So with that introduction, let’s get started!


House2HomeShowcase.com – PDF Download – August

Welcome back to Landscape and a continued discussion of the thought process and design principles that are used to create an attractive landscape. This is the final article in the series, so I am going to begin with a brief review. (more…)

September 2010 – PDF Download

Welcome to our September edition.  I recently met with a new client who inadvertently trusted the wrong landscaper. His story reminded me of how important it is for you to know how to select a credible contractor, and how working with one is a wise investment. Instead of doing it twice, you only do it once.

By Arthur Navarrette

Welcome to our fall issue. This time of year is one of my favorite times of the year. I love to feel the crispness of fall in the air, and to appreciate the beauty of the changing trees. They undergo amazing changes as they prepare for winter. Outwardly the leaf color changes as inwardly the leaf begins to shut down “production.” Through a complex process called photosynthesis, in which the tree combines water from the roots with sunlight and carbon dioxide from the air, the tree produces food called glucose. As a by-product of this process, the leaf releases oxygen, the ingredient of life. Chlorophyll, which gives leaves their green color, is also an integral part of this process, absorbing the sunlight for the “leaf factory” to do its job. (more…)

Welcome to our November issue. I trust you enjoyed October’s article with the explanation of the fall colors. It was a fun piece for me to write and share. The more I learn about the specifics of nature and of new plant varieties, the more intrigued I become. (more…)

Welcome to our Holiday edition. One of the beauties of the Holiday season is the traditions that have become part of our lives. I am so pleased that last year’s Christmas edition was read and favored by so many. I received personal comments, as well as emails about how meaningful the article was, encouraging, and bringing positive changes in people’s lives. As a landscaper/writer, it does not get any better than this. So back by popular demand, we are rerunning this article, making only minor changes for clarity’s sake. So please enjoy. Get your coffee or tea, slippers and robe and sit down with me. May the article and its intent be a blessing to you this Christmas/Holiday season and throughout the year. (more…)

For those of you that follow our monthly writings, thank you. Your readership means a lot to me. As you know, each month we have been talking about how we use the interview process to develop a landscape. It takes time and purposeful questions, but by starting off right, we end right. Life is like that. In fact, I am often amazed by how much we are like our gardens. (more…)

Thank you for wanting to know more. A hungry soul seeks to be satisfied, a searching soul seeks answers, and an empty soul seeks fulfillment. The LORD is all of this, and more. He is able to nourish our souls, answer our questions, and fulfill us with His presence. There are some foundational truths we must first understand. Many times we come to GOD because we are hurting, fearful, or struggling. Our jobs could be in danger or we could be without work; our marriages could be strained, or our kids might be making wrong choices. We could have suffered the loss of a loved one, or have learned that a loved one has only months to live. We, ourselves, might have been diagnosed with cancer or another potentially terminal illness. There are many things that affect us, weaken us and cause us to think about GOD. (more…)