Arthur Navarrette

Our greatest achievement is not our work, though it is a strong reason why we have been in business since 1989.  The stronger reason is our commitment to honesty and hard work, and having maintained that commitment for these many years.

Here at Executive Care we welcome the opportunity to meet you. We have been managing the landscapes of commercial properties for over seventeen years and landscaping residential homes, like yours, for the last ten years. Our slogan has nothing to do with our trade, but our slogan has everything to do with you, “Promised Quality and Commitment.” —Thank you, Arthur Navarrette/ President

Please browse our web pages. To make it user friendly you will find each page colorful, pictures of our work displayed, and topically broken down into five general categories, Home page, Commercial Management, Residential Landscape, History/Policy and Landscape Tips. Enjoy, and feel free to E-mail usat or call/fax us at (916) 765-9040.How can we help? Please answer the brief questionnaire below to help guide you.Are you a property manager, H.O.A, apartment complex, business or large residential property? Are you looking for a service to maintain the existing landscape, such as mowing, pruning, irrigation checks, spraying of weeds etc?. Please click Commercial Management.Are you an owner of a new home that’s missing a backyard? Or have you purchased or live in an established home and would like to upgrade, and/or beautify your current landscape? Would you like to upgrade your irrigation system, or install a patio or retaining wall? Did you just have a pool put in, and the rest of the yard looks like a meteor hit it? Then go to Residential Landscape services. Are you interested in knowing more about us? Great! No secrets. Go to History and learn more about our company and policies, our goals, and also some personal background about me. Lastly, are you interested in sharpening your skills and knowledge in the ornamental field? Are you a property manager but not sure what to look for each season when you’re walking your properties? Are you a past client with a purple thumb that can prune such and such right now? Are you concerned you may be over watering? Are you interested in knowing what kind of fertilizer should you be using? Are you interested in learning how to get a handle on the weeds? These questions and more are discussed under Landscape Tips, and as we get more questions the page will grow.